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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise purpose:make excellent products,do good faith service.

Enterprise spirit:"Unity and Struggle,Benevolence and Dedication;Pioneering and innovative,Dare to the world."


"Unity"is the basic guiding ideology for the sound development of an enterprise.Through communication,coordination,cooperation,and the creation of a fair and just good enterprise environment,we can form a situation of concerted efforts and concerted efforts.

"Struggle"in the work to be accurate,in the completion of the task to have"less than the Great Wall is not a hero"heroic feelings,to have"do not bow,do not admit defeat,wipe away tears,adhere to"heroic spirit,in the development of practical phased goals,encourage moderate advance,against extravagance and grandiosity.

"Benevolence"people have"humanity",the enterprise is composed of people,natural also has the human nature.So what is the"nature"of corporate culture?In fact,the"nature"of corporate culture is people-oriented,However,what is"people-oriented"and"humanized management"?Through the perfect care system,employees can feel the respect,help and care from the enterprise,so that employees love the enterprise,love their work and love the enterprise as home.Keeping good employees is the wealth of the enterprise.

"Dedication"people-oriented is to protect the interests of every employee under any conditions.The premise is that there is such a"condition",which is not inherent.It is created by every employee of the enterprise.Everyone works hard to contribute their talents and strength to the enterprise to create this condition,so as to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits.

"Pioneering innovation"pioneering innovation is the soul of the development of enterprises,through the development of a wide range of scientific research activities and staff rationalization proposals,to achieve full innovation;Through the modernization,informatization and standardization of management concepts and means,technological and management innovation can be realized.Through extensive exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries,we can achieve win-win cooperation in new technologies.

"Dare for the world"dare for the world is the source of career success,we must have the courage to learn,dare to practice innovation.We should learn and adapt to the changes,survive and develop in the adaptation,and regard learning and innovation as a working ability.Facing the changeable market,any employee of the company has and should have the spirit of daring to be the world.

Enterprise core value concept:let customer satisfaction,let shareholders rest assured,let employees happy.

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