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Instant electric furnace
Instant electric furnace

Instant electric furnace


Product usage

The instant electric furnace produced by our company is the latest generation of international products, and it is the best substitute for closed electric furnace. Suitable for industrial, agricultural, colleges and universities,industrial and mining enterprises, medical and health, scientific research unit laboratories and households as heating equipment.

Product Features

1. Eficient and environmentally friendly infrared heating technology is adopted to heat up rapidly. Heat is transmitted through radiation, with small thermal inertia, no open flame, and no harm to the human body. The heating performance is ecellent, and the hot sale rate can be increased by 30% compared with the ordinary electric fumace. Long service life (> 5000 hours), not af-fected by the environment. Compared with ordinary electric furnace . electric furnace wire exposed to high temperature oxida-tion in the air, splashing liquid is easy to burn the electric furnace wire. The most advanced heating element in the world is placed under the protection of glass .ceramic plate, and the failure rate is extremely low.

2. The latest high performance material glass ceramic is used as the heating panel, and the glass surface can withstand high temperature of 900 degrees. The infrared heat energy is transferred vertically, and the heat transfer is slower in the horizontal direction. The surface of the glass ceramic can be quickly heated to 500 degrees, and the cold water will not burst.

3. Using a variety of composite protection technologies, as the heater is in a high temperature working environment, it will in-evitably cause damage to the control part of the electronic circuit. For this reason, the heater is designed with heating control separation to protect the electronic components from working in high temperature environments.

4. The flat closed heating panel is suitable for a variety of heating methods and appliances. There is no open flame and no elec-tricity leakage. The heated object can be directly heated on the heating plate without worrying about corrosion and pollution.This instrument is an upgrade of laboratory heating instruments. Replacement products.

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