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Introduction to water-proof incubator

2020-04-28 22:36:44

Because of its high precision constant temperature equipment,the water-proof incubator is often used in medicine,agriculture,forestry,environmental science,scientific research,education departments for plant tissue,germination,seedling culture,microbial culture and other aspects.Water-proof incubator manufacturer's water-proof incubator with the LCD microcomputer controller of measuring performance,the temperature of the box exceeds the set value or the water level of the water jacket is too high or too low,that is,the active recovery of sound and light alarm,the low water level simultaneously stop heating.The water-proof incubator from the manufacturer is a kind of commonly used incubator product,which is suitable for the experiment of culture and breeding in scientific research institutions such as health,colleges and universities and biomedicine.The user needs to master the working principle and characteristics of the water-proof incubator,the following water-proof incubator manufacturers will be introduced in detail,I hope to help you.

Water-jacket incubator manufacturer water-jacket incubator of the shell is usually made of asbestos plate or sheet metal spray paint,waterproof type incubator manufacturers for copper water-jacket incubator layer leather water storage of interlining,water-jacket incubator manufacturer water-jacket incubator with the method of electric heat pipe heat water heating,electrothermal incubator USES is heated directly with heating wire,use air convection,make the evenness of temperature in the cabinet.

In water-jacket cultivation the water-jacket of box manufacturer in the positive side,there is light and temperature control knob and,when power on,the red indicator light is lit,in accordance with the need to turn the knob and to the required temperature scale,after being water-jacket incubator temperature reaches,the red light Xi,said has reached the required temperature in the cabinet,then the temperature in the cabinet and reliable automatic control temperature controller.

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