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Graphite heating plate
Graphite heating plate

Graphite heating plate


Usage overview

The graphite electric heating plate uses the new digestion technology, which has the advantages of rapid heating, program control, complete digestion, and temperature equilibrium. It is suitable for sample pretreatment in food, medi-cine, quality inspection, environmental protection, disease control, chemical in-dustry, universities and other industries. It can also be used for microwave di-gestion pretreatment and acid drive treatment. It is an analytical instrument for atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence and ICP- AES. Ideal accessory product.

Graphite hot plate instrument advantages

The new heating method uses isostatic pressure high-purity graphite with excellent thermal conductivity, which can ensure the temperature uniformity between various points, and the temperature difference between the samples is less than土1.5℃。

C. Temperature control accuracy PID parameter self- test, adjustable heating rate, temperature control accuracy土0.1℃。C.temperature fluctuation of each point土1.0℃.

2. Energy-saving and efficient double-layer shell design. Air insulation layer and aluminum silicate insulation layer double heat insulation effect, more energy saving. Oversized heating panel can solve the problem of processing multiple samples in a single laboratory.

3. Anticorrosive graphite thermal conductive material, surface Teflon spray resistant to strong acid and alkali corrosion. The whole machine is treated with anti-corrosion and plastic spraying to ensure that the instrument works normally in an acid environment.

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