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Select the key points of the biochemical incubator

2020-04-28 22:37:29

Biochemical incubators are not unfamiliar,even familiar,to operators of laboratories or environmental protection.But for the purchasing staff,that is different,because in the eyes of the purchasing staff,as long as the purchase is good to go back,so in the procurement,and the manufacturer after the inquiry will shop around.As a result of each quoted price is different,the nature of good quality high quality will be expensive a lot,the price difference is not big that the labor will not be too big.To purchase a cost-effective biochemical incubator,I think we need to look at the following points.

First compressor,this is very important,because the biochemical incubator belongs to low temperature box,refrigeration compressor has to be used to control the temperature,with much more on the market at present is fluorine-free compressor and fluorine compressor,its characteristic is the latent heat of evaporation is big,cooling ability is strong,good liquidity,delivery pressure is low,low power consumption,load temperature picks up speed slow,also compatible with all kinds of compressor oil.

With compressor is mainly to add freon as refrigerant,can destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere,the ozone layer can protect humans from the sun's ultraviolet harm.So to find another kind of refrigerant instead of fluorine is.Fluorine-free compressor and fluorine compressor principle is the same,just different refrigerant.Relatively fluorine-free compressor cost is much higher than the cost have fluorine compressor,which is why different manufacturer production of biochemical incubator prices vary considerably.

The second is the appearance of the product design,workmanship and product materials on the machine for inspection,in the perspective of the sales staff,production cycle and other product considerations,and then determine whether to purchase.The rest is to ask the operator's requirements,whether there is a special point to pay attention to,such as stainless steel tank to have lighting and other functions.This will be twice the result with half the effort in purchasing a biochemical incubator.

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