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Routine maintenance of biochemical incubator

2020-04-28 22:39:49

Biochemical incubator is generally used in health,biological pharmacy,agricultural research,environmental protection and other research and application fields.It is a special equipment for water analysis,BOD determination,culture and preservation of bacteria and microorganisms,and cultivation of plants and breeding experimental biological culture.

Adjust the height with the adjusting screw at the bottom of the biochemical culture box to make the box stable.Plug in the power socket and the power should be well grounded.Press the power switch and the display screen will be bright.At this time,the display screen will show the actual temperature and humidity in the incubator.Installation of humidifier:insert the power plug of the humidifier into the power socket on the back of the instrument,and then connect the humidifier with the humidifier.Fill the water tank of humidifier correctly according to the instruction.

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