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Instructions for use of biochemical incubator

2020-04-28 22:38:20

Main characteristics of biochemical incubator:

1,the sound insulation data in the box adopts polyamine ester on the spot foam electric temperature blowing drying box foam,for the heat(cold)source has a strong anti-disturbing power.

2,the inner cavity adopts the fortification plastic molding process manufacturing,has a strong erosion resistance.

3.All-glass cabinet door for easy inspection of mission cavity.

4,in order to cover the refrigeration compressor,the control route assumes a break screen and 4 seconds performance.

5.Temperature active control,adopt white LFD developer to show the figures clearly.

Usage note:

1.Put the incubator on a flat and soft sky,and adjust the two supporting screws at the bottom of the incubator to make the incubator bumpy.

2.Plug in the power socket(the power should be well grounded),press the"power switch",and the display screen will be bright.At this time,the display screen will show the practical temperature and task time in the incubator.

3.Time setting:time setting includes the setting of"seconds"and"hours".Press the"SET"installation button,when the"second"number of tube display of the lower right corner of the decimal point,that is to enter the"second"installation form,then press the"▲"or"convenient"button to confirm the incubator task"second"time(59 seconds);Press the"SET"key again,when the"hour"number tube display of the lower right corner of the decimal point,that is to enter the"hour"installation form,and then press the"▲"or"convenient"key to confirm the incubator this task"hour"time(long 99 hours).

4,temperature setting:press the"SET"key,when the temperature appears on the first number of the lower right corner of the decimal point bright,that is,into the temperature installation form,and then press"▲"or""key to confirm the incubator setting temperature(the temperature range is SET for 5℃~50℃).When the above methods 3 and 4 are implemented,press"ENTER"to confirm the task time of the incubator and the task temperature of the incubator(set temperature).Note:when the temperature setting after confirmation,the one-way temperature can not be arbitrarily repeatedly,in order to prevent the compressor launched repeatedly,the compressor emergence overload scene,the use of the compressor life.

5.If it is necessary to check the task time and temperature SET by the incubator,press"SET"to display the SET time and temperature on the display panel,and then press"ENTER"to return the display value of the incubator to the original task form.

6.If the incubator needs to be illuminated,press the"illuminating switch";If the box does not need to illuminate,should be placed on the panel of the illuminating switch"off"position,so as not to reflect the lower temperature.

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