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Artificial climate box(Touch scree)
Artificial climate box(Touch scree)

Artificial climate box(Touch scree)


Usage Overview

The artificial dimate box is suitable for scientific research units such as epidemic prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry,animal husbandry, and other scientific research institutes. The laboratory of the university does mold, bacteria, and microorganism cultivation,plant cycle ultivation, breeding tests, and other uses of constant.temperature, constant humidity, and light test.

Product Features

◆Adopt high-quality mirror stainless steel liner, anticorrosion,anti-aging, four-corner arc design, no need to use tools to remove the partition or partition in the box, easy to disinfect and dlean.

●Large-screen LCD display, multiple groups of data on one screen,menu-type operation interface, easy to understand, easy to observe and operate.

◆The LED灯板beam does not generate heat and extracts useful light that is beneficial to plant growth.

●The energy consumption of LED light sources is extremely low, about 80% lower consumption is extremely low.

●Provide accurate and stable light with a service life of more than 30.000 hours and high photoelectric conversion eficiency.Intelligent control technology

●Simulates day and night temperature changes in nature.

●The parameters set by the user can be automatically stored in the event of a power failure, and the original setting program will be run after the power is turned on.

●Inelligent multi-segment programmable control program controls temperature, light intensity and time, simplifes the complicated test process, and truly realizes automatic control and operation.

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