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Vertical large-capacity shaking incubator
Vertical large-capacity shaking incubator

Vertical large-capacity shaking incubator


Product features

●Vertical double-layer rocker design saves space. Double-opening door design is convenient to use.

●set temperature, number of revolutions, time, and measured temperature, number of revolutions, remaining time are displayed on the same interface.

●Parameter setting, observation and clear intuitive.

●Silent fan design and forced convection ensure a good thermostatic effect.

●With over-temperature alarm function and automatic power-off function in abnormal conditions.

◆Power failure recovery function to avoid data loss caused by power outages and crashes.

●Hollow tempered glass door, it is convenient to observe the interior of the cabinet at any angle without opening the door. The streamlined appearance is beautiful and elegant.

●The inner lining adopts rounded corner (R angle) mirror stainless steel design,which is easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria and prevent corrosion.

●Shell is electrostatically sprayed.

◆Selection of imported high-quality compressors and fluorine free environmentally friendly refrigerants, low noise and good refrigeration effect, ensure that the equipment runs stably for a long time at low temperature.

●Humanized design of door-to-stop function, safer and more convenient to use.

●With UV sterilization function.

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