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Common failure treatment of light incubator

2020-04-28 22:34:47

Light incubator microcomputer full automatic control,touch switch,easy to operate;Programmable multi-section control mode,day and night can be set separately temperature,humidity,illumination and time.Air duct ventilation,gentle wind speed and even temperature in the studio;Hollow reflection toughened film glass,good thermal insulation performance,beautiful and generous.Completely closed lamp shade,optional workshop power supply,disinfection device,etc.

Common failures of light incubator:

1,easy to shorten its service life.

2.The compressor has been working in the balanced mode with good refrigeration effect and can be maintained.

3.It may be caused by the excessive density of the discharge items or the failure of the circulating fan in the box

4,use the word of long time of illumination bulb is easy to heat also can cause temperature uneven

5.Uneven temperature

6,if it is a single system to work when the temperature is reduced to a value,open and close will cause a large temperature fluctuations.Cause the compressor to be ordinary

7.The compressor is not refrigerated,the temperature in the incubator is not uniform,or the circulation tuyere freezes.

Failure handling of light incubator

When the temperature sensor fails,when the measuring temperature is above 60℃or when the circuit is open,the temperature indicator window row shows"□□□".When the temperature is below-5℃,the temperature indicator window shows"□□□".Please check the wiring carefully in the above situation.If there is no problem in the wiring,please change the sensor.When the temperature core fails,the alarm light flashes,and the controller automatically controls according to UP and dn.

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