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The reason why the vacuum drying oven is vacuumed and then heated

2020-04-28 22:33:49

The vacuum drying oven should be vacuum-pumped before heating up in use,for the following reasons:

1,if according to the first heating and then pumping vacuum procedures,the heated air is evacuated by the vacuum pump,the heat will be sent to the vacuum pump,so that the vacuum pump temperature rise too high,may lead to the vacuum pump efficiency.

2,the heated gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge,the vacuum pressure gauge will produce temperature rise.If the temperature rise exceeds the specified operating temperature range of the vacuum pressure gauge,the vacuum pressure gauge will produce error.The correct method of use is to vacuum before heating.After reaching the rated temperature,if the vacuum degree is found to have decreased,then the appropriate pumping.This will help prolong the life of the equipment.

3,the workpiece is placed in a vacuum drying oven to vacuum in order to remove the gas components in the material of the workpiece.If the workpiece is heated first,the gas will expand when heated.Because the vacuum chamber is so well sealed,the pressure from the expanding gas could cause the toughened glass of the viewing window to burst.This operation will lead to potential danger,the normal sequence of operation is to vacuum and then heat up,so as to avoid the occurrence of danger.

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