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Portable Incubator
Portable Incubator

Portable Incubator


Product Features

◆Incubator body without splicing and welding points

●Stable performance, rapid heating, only a few minutes to reach the predetermined temperature

◆Suitable for use as a car-type incubator in laboratories and cigarette lighters

◆Mini- type incubator, light and lightweight, multiple models are available

●Small incubator can be used as a portable incubator

◆Inner liner is made of high-quality mirror stainless steel

◆The temperature control system of this machine adopts microcomputer single-chip microcomputer technology and intelligent digital display instrument. It has PID adjustment characteristics, time setting, temperature difference correction,and over-temperature alarm. The high temperature control is accurate and function is strong.

◆The time setting range is: 0-9999 minutes.

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