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Semiconductor Low T emperature Incubator
Semiconductor Low T emperature Incubator

Semiconductor Low T emperature Incubator


Product features

●The small low temperature incubator is suitable for the storage and cultivation of bacteria and microorganisms in medical and health, medicine, biology, agriculture, scientific research and other departments.

◆This product uses advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology, no refrigerant, no leakage, no fear of vibration, no tilt no upside down, no mechanical movement during operation, no wear and tear, small size and high relability.

◆Semiconductor refrigeration is an energy conversion element, which can be started and stopped quickly, which can easily achieve precise control of the temperature of the cabinet.

◆The shell is made of high-quality steel plate, the surface is electrostatically sprayed with a firm paint film, and the shape is beautiful.

◆The studio is made of high-quality stainless-steel plate.

◆The temperature control system of this machine adopts microcomputer single-chip microcomputer technology, itelligent digital display instrument, with PID adjustment characteristics, time setting, temperature correction, over-temperature alarm and other functions. The temperature control accuracy is high and the function is strong.

◆The height of the partition in the studio can be adjusted at will.

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