Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator
Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator

Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator


Product Usage

The constant temperature and humidity incubator has an accurate temperature and humidity control system, which provides various simulated environmental conditions required for industrial research and biotechnology testing. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical,textile, food processing and other sterility tests, stability checks, and industrial material properties, product packaging, product life and other tests.

Chamber Structure


◆The equipment adopts a round arc design, which makes the overall appearance of the equipment elegant.

◆The chamber chooses to use mirror 304 plate, which has the characteristics of acid resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning;

◆The position of product rack can be adjusted up and down as required;

●Test lead holes are on both sides of the chamber, so that the hole cover can be opened while used together;

◆The chamber door is equipped with a large angle tempered glass vacuum insulation , which is convenient for users to inspect the sample test process,

◆it has a reasonable air circulation system, which makes the temperature and humidity in the chamber reach the highest uniformity.


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